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I finally got around to learn how to make patterns for sims 3! It has taken me way to long. I have made you five fun animal patterns and has remade my Orla Kiely inspired pattern. All my patterns are fully recolorable. The animal ones have from 2 to 4 chancels. The Orla Keily one has 3 chancels. They all look great in a range of different colours, but I will let you self figure out which fit your sims’ needs best.

Here is a mix of some of the patterns in this packThe goldfishs are for Declan and the girafs are for Carrie. But the duckbills are dedicated for Declan as he has praised them with any given chance! So these are for you.


NB: the animal patterns are a bit hard to locate in the menu as the symbols are rather hard to find. Look for empty or almost empty patterns in the right colour. I am sorry about this and it is only due to my lack of experience working with patterns. The animal prints can be found in Themed and the Orla Keily pattern is in Geometric.

Update: Some people have had problems getting these to work. I have exported them from in game, so they are now sims3packeges. So if you have problems try these please:
Download updated file

8 thoughts on “Fun patterns

  1. The patterns don’t show up in my game 🙁 I searched through every category and found some blank patterns in the colours you chose but on the wall they just stayed solid white/brown..

  2. Some of mine does not have much of a preview, but they should all show up. Try to look in themed and see if you got a white one with a yellow fish on it. If you do they should all be hiding in there somewhere.

    They need to be installed with the monkey installer because it is simspackages, not sims3packages that can be installed though the launcher.

    Please get back to me with what you find out

  3. I installed them with the monkey installer and tried every pattern in themed as a wallpaper, even those patterns where I could be sure that they weren’t yours but still they are not in my game. I redownloaded and nothing changed, but the files are definitely in the right folder. It’s really strange cause I never had problems with a pattern before and your other downloads (the pictures) work perfectly for me.

  4. Jessy I will have a few friends try the file out for me. If you send me an email, I can send you one, then I know if I will be able to fix the problem.

    I have had two of my friends test them. For one (who has other CC installation problems) they did not work. For the other one they works just fine. So it is very strange.

  5. I had these in my game before, they were lovely patterns. I think there’s something coinciding with them and the newer patch. I recently patched my game and this is the only custom content I have that isn’t showing in game. I’ve tried the newer sims3pack and the package files. It’s a shame too, I really love the cat pattern.

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