Broken Home

Right now I am building a house for a vampire in my hood. He lives in the basement of an old abandoned house outside town. That way nosy neighbours are not dropping by all the time.  This is my take on a traditional American wooden house – I properly got a lot of things totally wrong, as I have never accentually seen a house like this in real life, so take it as a fantasy. I also love making over houses so I thought this might be a good candidate for a renovation project at some point.


I have used a number of costume patterns, but I sadly don’t know where they are from, I will of course try to hunt them down for you, but you can easierly chance them to any kind of worn wood to get the same look.

I have also used Mutske @ TSR’s windows (pay), you can chance them to other windows if you want – you do not need them to have the house in your game.

The house requires you to have either Hels OR WP OR the patch that came out in November.

I hope you will enjoy the house and I would love to see or hear about what you do with it!

2 thoughts on “Broken Home

  1. I’m going to have to buy HELS tomorrow so that I can have this, It’s downloaded, and awaiting installation – I’m already thinking of how much fun one of sims is going to have in this house 😉

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