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Timony Roberts is an interior designer. He live together with his two children Kai and Mary – their mother died then they were small in an accident at the science building – it was all very hush hush but he did gather that it involved robot fishes somehow.

screenshot-112Timony actually just want to work on his hopefully some day perfect garden, but he can no longer bring him self to work in the science carer any more. But he have to feed his kids and he always had an eye for color, so he toke up interior designing. That way he can work out of his home.

I will show you some pictures from his life and his makeovers. I hope you enjoy them. I have so much fun making over the EA houses in Twinbrokes.

The newest pictures are in the front of the gallery, so if you want to see the pictures from the start please start at the last page and move your self backward

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