Poster Photoshop templates

I have created three Photoshop templates  that can be used to make posters for Sims 3 from some of the basegame paintings. There is a template for: Modern Painting, Painting Lips and Painting Sunflowers.

You can see the three templated used in the picture to the right

I hope you can use them.

Download template

4 thoughts on “Poster Photoshop templates

  1. Hi,

    In the above post you say that the template can be used in Modern painting, painting lips and painting sunflowers, and I’m just wondering if I have to change the orientation of the template or anything, or its size as its 3 different size paintings? Or is the template universal in relation to size/orientation? This will make my life easier no matter your answer, my battered head thanks you as your saving it from further damage from battering it off the table in immense frustration XD

  2. I actureally can’t remember – what I would do if I were you is to export the texture file from each and see how it lines up with my template

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