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While some of us are sweltering in the heat of the summer, others are huddled around the fireplace trying to keep warm. This is the beauty of the Living Sims community.

We are from all corners of the world and it is this diversity that gives LivingSims magazine its wonderful collection of unique styles and perspectives. We have had our share of silly fun on the forums this past while with dancing in the chat and feeding one another virtual cheeseburgers. A new challenge “Challenge Me To….” took the forum by storm as people rose to the challenges they were given and what resulted was just short of outstanding! This issue we feature many of our readers’ entries in the different challenges. We are constantly amazed at the talent that is out there. We also take a trip to Twinbrook and highlight some of the new features with our different makeovers.
From a tutorial on making a garden to renovating a private investigator’s office to finding the perfect sunroom, this issue promises a little something for everyone. Now pour yourself a cup of hot cocoa to keep warm or an ice cold glass of lemonade to cool off, find a comfy spot and enjoy this deliciously plump issue of Living Sims. If you aren’t already signed up for our Forum and Newsletter you may not know that we have just published Issue 17.

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3 thoughts on “Issue 17 is online

  1. I ADORE all Living Sims Magazines.Unfortunately I can’t download the issue 17 as PDF.Whenever I click the link at “Livingsims” I get an error : Page not found-HTTP 404.Please,help me,it would be so crual to be unable to enjoy all the marvelous things ….

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful hard work.Love you !

  2. Why don’t you name it Sims 3 already and just get it over with. I used to love this magazine and even be a member of your forum until Sims 3 came out and you switched to covering ALL MOST ALL Sims 3 crap. There are still players who enjoy Sims 2. I cannot even get halfway through your magazine because of the boat load of garbage for Sims 3. If you want all Sims 3 garbage than that fine, but don’t make it seem like you really are that interested in helping me “find” things for Sims 2.

  3. Mehrlicht: I am glad to heat that you like it. I will get around to fixing that pdf link.

    Shirl: We actually do cover sims 2 stuff. Yes we cover mostly sims 3, because most of the staff plays sims 3, but we have just hired one more sims 2 photographer. It would be nice if you keep the tone civil. Nobody is forcing you to read the magazine. We make the magazine as a hobby because we think it is fun, not to serve anyone. If people like it, it is nice, but that is not why we make the magazine. If you want help finding stuff for sims 2, why don’t you follow one of the sites who is dedicated for sims 2 finds? Black Pearl has a good section and so does Spring4Sims. There is not so many sites who still produce sims 2 content and that is why we have chosen not to have as many finds for sims 2 as for sims 3. We feel that we have covered most of what there is to cover for sims 2. This issue nobody wanted to do the sims 2 finds, which means that there will not be an article with sims 2 find in that issue – we are not forcing our staffers to do articles they don’t feel like doing.
    If you want to make a magazine deviated to sims 2 stuff you are very welcome to do so.

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