LivingSims Issue 18 is online!

For the majority of us, summer vacations are now over; and we are either back in school or back to work. With our noses to the grindstone, so to speak, it is more important than ever to take time out to just chill. And what better way to chill than with a new issue of LivingSims?

It seems fitting that this issue, which is devoted to retro travel, takes us to all sorts of interesting and exotic places. Live vicariously through our sims as they travel to Cuba, visit the Savannah in Africa, party like fools at the LivingSims staff beach party, and take on the Corleone family in Sicily.

Once again we have a juicy issue for you, filled with amazing tidbits. Some of our articles are interwoven with real life travel experiences giving them that extra touch. You will love our retro luggage and will definitely want to send your sims traveling when you see what we have. Take a moment to do a little shopping. We have done the work for you and put together some really great finds.

So, take a break from writing that essay or working on that oh-so-boring spreadsheet, open up this issue of LivingSims, and let us carry you away. Make sure you sign up for our Forum and Newsletter so that you can be first in line when a new issue is published.

We have also gotten a brand new webdesign that is much easier on the eye and to maintain!

See it all at

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