Issue 19 – LivingSims hacked and reopened

A few weeks back issue 19 of LivingSims came online. We are very proud of the issue. I especially enjoy how the School theme runs though all of the issue and gets tied together by the little sims models made by Maxim. It is a really good read and there are some interesting articles there.

Other news: First LivingSims forum was hacked, and a few days later the website it self was broken by hackers. The forum team has worked really hard to create a new forum from the ashes of the old one. The forum got a new and more yummy look, but that also means that your account is gone! If you have not been on the forum since Satureday last week, then you will need to re-register. We are sorry, but there was no way around it, as we did not have forum backup. We do now and the forum is mostly running smoothly.

We have also been able to fix the frontpage (mostly), and we strongly recommend updating your bookmark so it goes to the frontpage instead of strait to the forum – that way you don’t miss important news posts, like us being hacked or a new issue coming out 😉

Totally un-related: I am working on a secret project, you will hear more about this in a few weeks.

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