Riverview upgrade to Late Night project

I am in the process of upgrading Riverview so it works well with Night Life.

I am adding bars, making over existing buildings and generally giving the hood an overhaul. I will upload all the buildings for the project here.

The lots uses no CC other then store items. Store items and stuff pack items should just be replaced by basegame ones if you do not have them.

Requires: Late Night & perhaps Ambitions and World adventures. I have perhaps also used objects from the stuff packs.

List of lots included in the project:

  1. The Butterfly – fusion lounge
  2. Allan’s Bar – local watering hole
  3. The Fire Station – Dance Club
  4. The Musical Gardens – local waterhole
  5. Underwater Club – dive bar
  6. The old industrial Apartment building – @ Garden of Shadow
  7. The old playground – @ Garden of Shadow
  8. Warehouse 42 –  Excursive lounge – @ Garden of Shadow

Map of the new and improved Riverview: See numbers above

8 thoughts on “Riverview upgrade to Late Night project

  1. Thank you very much for making late night lots that fit Riverview’s style. Luckily I found your site before I butchered my favorite town! 🙂

  2. This looks like a really interesting project! I’m confused though – is it finished? I can’t find an option to donwload it anywhere on this page and I REALLY want it! 🙂 x

  3. Hi Barney, thank you. I think it is as finished as it is going to get. Click on the names of the locations and that will take you to the individual downloads. There should be a link to download each lot from there.

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