The Butterfly – Fusion Lounge

Lot type: fusion lounge
Lot size: 20 x 15
Furnished: Fully

The Butterfly is a fusion lounge and the hip place to enjoy fusion jazz in town.

They also got the best sushi in town! Come and enjoy a interesting evening, perhaps you will even see the famous butterflies.

This is part of my Riverview upgrade to Late Night project.


The lot uses no CC other then store items. Store items and stuff pack items should just be replaced by basegame ones if you do not have them.
Requires: Late Night & perhaps Ambitions and World adventures. I have perhaps also used objects from the stuff packs.

You might need to set the light and the special effect settings again, but I hope they stayed. The light should all be white and the special effect machine should be set to long delay fog. The gobs are set to white, musical notes and random motion.

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