The Fire Station – Dance Club

Lot type: dance club
Lot size: 20 x 30
Furnished: Fully

The old Riverview fire station, had been empty for 15 years – ever since the county build a new one.

Last year a young entrepreneur brought the place and turned it into the hottest dance club in town! It is smoking hot!

This is part of my Riverview up­grade to Late Night pro­ject.


The lots uses no CC other then store items.
Store items and stuff pack items should just be replaced by basegame ones if you do not have them.

Requires: Late Night & perhaps Ambitions and World adventures. I have perhaps also used objects from the stuff packs.

Lot size: 20×30

Settings: The special effects and light might have to be reset by you. The Globs are all set on orange light and random movement. All special effect-thingies are set to either fire or fog. All other light in the building should be set to either orange or flame and dim.

2 thoughts on “The Fire Station – Dance Club

  1. This is an awesome project idea Mac! I love Riverview so it’s great to see it upgraded with some Late Night features. This is a really great dance club, thanks heaps for sharing!

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