The Musical Gardens – local waterhole

Lot type: Local Waterhole
Lot size: 64 x 11
Furnished: Fully

This is a makeover of the long and narrow and totally useless park in Riverview – the one behind the restaurant.

I have turned it into a “Local Waterhole”, but it still looks like a park.

Bandstand, bar, playground and chess table, find it all in the Musical Gardens. Enjoy a drink or a the music in the beautiful surroundings.

This is part of my Riverview up­grade to Late Night pro­ject.


The lots uses no CC other then store items.
Store items and stuff pack items should just be replaced by basegame ones if you do not have them.

Requires: Late Night & perhaps Ambitions and World adventures. I have perhaps also used objects from the stuff packs.

Lot size: 64×11

6 thoughts on “The Musical Gardens – local waterhole

  1. I’m having a little trouble with this lot, it’s size 64×11 but the lot is 64×10 so I can’t place it there. Do you know a way around it?

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