Underwater Club – dive bar

Lot type: Underwater Club
Lot size: 24 x 24
Furnished: Fully

This is the makeover of the community pool in Riverview. I have always thought the lot was a bit boring, and lets just say I spiced it UP.

Swim, dance, drink, listen to the local band… all at the Underwater Club – your local dive bar.

Yes this bar really needs a better name, I totally agrees – suggestions are very welcome.

This is part of my Riverview up­grade to Late Night pro­ject.


The lots uses no CC other then store items.
Store items and stuff pack items should just be replaced by basegame ones if you do not have them.

Requires: Late Night & perhaps Ambitions and World adventures. I have perhaps also used objects from the stuff packs.

7 thoughts on “Underwater Club – dive bar

  1. Well, I think it’s crying out to be named the “Dive Inn”! Sounds exactly like the kind of place Don Lothario would hangout hoping to see a wardrobe malfunction! Thanks I love all your Riverview upgrades for Late Night!

  2. Linda that is a GREAT name, I will rename my own bar that in my hood! And you are so right Don would love to hang out there – can you say chicks in bikinis much!

  3. The Submarine? The Submarine Club?

    This is an awesome idea, I have been wondering how to make riverview more latenight friendly. Keep it up!

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