Lot size: 45×25
Price:  55.715
4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a big living area, an office, a utility space and a big deck and garden area
Furnished: kitchen and bathroom essentials
The house is build on 2 Cecilia Street in Redcliffs

A long time ago Sebausten gave me the challenge posted below.

I of course accepted and this is what I made of it. The house is inspired by a house by bluhomes. I used their floor-plan as an inspiration with modifications made to fit the family.

Minimal CC needed

EPs required: all up to Night Life
Patch required: 1.9 or newer

Mac, I challenge you to: build a wooden house for a sim who is very eco conscious but needs a comfortable home for himself, his wife, 2 children but also for his two other teenage children from a previous marriage who visit on weekends.
The family loves the outdoors so they need a home open on the outside. At the same time the parents love buildings that seem to have a centuries-old history to them. They need you to combine all this and realise their dream.


CC required – not included*

*You can install the house without these but it will not show up as in the pictures

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