Black Prefab Starter

Lot size: 20×25
Price:  19.907
2 bedrooms, 1½ bathrooms, on living area and a roof garden
Furnished: kitchen, bathroom essentials and place holder beds
The house is build on 1 Vanderlay Road in Redcliffs, but can be used in any hood.

This is my second take on building a starter home. This one is a pre-fab home; meaning that it is build in pieces off site from a module based design. If this is done right it saves a huge amount of materials as you can plan to use cut offs in and make the modules fits what you get from your supplier. You are also able to send more time thinking solutions though because the cost can be spread over all the homes build in this series. As long as all your neighbours don’t run out and get the same home, the homes will not feel like a cookie cutter house either.

This house a two story home with a roof terrace, three big bedrooms, two bathrooms and a huge open living area on the ground floor. I ran out of money, so there is not done any landscaping, though I really wanted to. However there is a nice big garden where your sims can play and hang out.

This a starter home

EPs required: all up to Night Life. I might have used something from the SPs but I am not sure.
Patch required: 1.9 or newer


Required CC – not included*

If someone knows of a different version of those two windows, perhaps a non-pay version (non-pirate), I would be trilled to hear about it!

*You can install the house without these but it will not show up as in the pictures

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