Mid-century 4 bedroom home

Lot size: 20×25
Price:  18.065 §
4 bedrooms, 2½ bathrooms, a open kitchen/living room area and a hallways/utility area
Furnished: kitchen and bathroom essentials

I build this mid-century home today for a family I am playing who want five kids, so I moved them out of their Sears home and build this for them. It is loosly based of of a house plan I found on Flickr

I have used some CC patterns, but if you do not have them they will just be replaced with random EA ones and I can’t remember where I got them.

Minimal CC needed

If you had problems getting it to install, there is now a new version online
EPs required: all up to Night Life
Patch required: 1.9 or newer

Download link removed

CC needed:
Basic Windows by Einfach Simlisch

Open build door – Einfach Simlisch
Never-ending Arches

4 thoughts on “Mid-century 4 bedroom home

  1. It won’t install, says we need to update but I have all eps and sps updated to latest patch and it didn’t work. More people at MS3B also had this problem.

  2. Thank you for letting me know
    I have updated the file. It should work now. At least some of the LS staffers who had that problem got it working now. There was somehow a piece of CC included that shouldn’t have been.

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