1930s funkis home

Lot size: 25×15
Price:  28.208 §
2 bedrooms, 1½ bathrooms, kitchen, dinning room, 1½ living room.
Furnished: no

Inspired by some of my old pictures from 2008, I decided to build a 1930s funkis home. Funkis is the Danish version of the architectural style functionalism. The Danish funkis homes are some of the most sort after houses in Denmark and they are rarly sold cheap. I was not able to make the house as a starter, but it isn’t outside of a normal sims’ families budget once they had a job for a little while.

A little CC needed

If you had problems getting it to install, there is now a new version online


EPs required: all up to Night Life
Patch required: 1.9 or newer

CC used*
CAST yourself a chimney! by armiel
One More Slot Please!


3 thoughts on “1930s funkis home

  1. Thanks Mac! This is reminiscent of the Caliente sisters’ home in S2 and I loved that lot. But of course yours is much more beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

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