Gamla Skola

Lot size: 25×15
Price:  31.980 §
2-3 bedrooms, 1-2 bathrooms, kitchen, 2 living rooms.
Furnished: no

Update: I am not sure that the file works, please let me know if it work for you.

I have just build a cute little house for the new round of Challenge me to Build. Cat asked me to build a school house as they looked in the 1800s (or older). I chose the to go with some Swedish inspiration as I find their old houses way cuter then Danish old houses. I looked on google and found inspiration for this house @ – scroll way down. I am not sure how old this building is, but I found a lot of others in this style. My aunt has a torp (farm house) in Sweden that we have visited many times. I combined that house with the school house to create the conversion into a real liveable house.

EPs required: all up to Night Life
Patch required: 1.9 or newer

CC suggested*


* Not required for installation but if you want everything to look at it does in my pictures. Also I used a stone pattern in the house. I do not know where I got it though

Let me know if you have any problems please


2 thoughts on “Gamla Skola

  1. Nicely done, I actually live in a old swedish school, it’s built in 1897, and your sim-house reminds me of my home n__n

    I’ve tried to built my house, but always gives up almost imminently 😀

    anywho two thumbs up =)

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