The foster family

Concept: You play a foster family stocked with tons of kids and you try to keep everyone as happy as possible and try to fulfill their need and wishes. Get as many adopted kids as possible though to be young adults and give them the best possible childhood. This is a one generation challenge

Set up

  • Make two sims: they should be married or sweethearts.
  • They should be adults or young adults
  • At least one of them should have the good trait and one should be family orientated. Other when that you figure out how you want your sims to be.
  • Pick the look, traits, taste, lifetime-wants and careers you want for them.
  • Move them into a house that have room for a big family. You may not cheat with the money.
  • Before you start remove any hacks/mods that affect adoption.
  • Non of the parents can have a career as criminals.
  • None of parents may be supernatural creatures (werewolfs, faries, vampires etc.)


Adopting the kids

Until you have 6 non-adults in your home* do the following: Each morning (7 am) you roll two d6 dice and look at the table posted below and follow the result from there. Before you roll: Decide which dice is dice 1 and which is dice 2.

Special outcomes: If the two dices show the same outcome you get a special outcome. They are listed in the table and their effects are listed here:

  • 11: Troubled child: The child come from a very troubled family. Due to his/her background you may only choose negative traits for her until (s)he turns into a Young Adult.
  • 22: Daycare: For at least the next week one of the adults must work as a day care professional. This of course requires Generations.
    If you do not have generations, a parent must stay home and work on writing or painting to help make money for the family.
  • 33: Family Outing: You should make sure your family gets out of the house every now and then. The state has granted you the money for a holiday with all of the family!
    If you have World Adventures you should take a trip to another country. The travel fie are paid (use cheats to pay the travel fie).
    If you do not have WA, take a whole day trip to the park with all of the kids and go out and eat afterwards!
  • 44: Arguing: Having this many children in the house can be a strain on relationships. For the next day you may only choose negative interactions between the adults. With the adults on edge the kids are also being crazy today, they are all pulling pranks and acting out. After talking to their social worker the next day, she agrees to grand them 1000§ to spend on a sitter so the adults can spend the night out and mend their fences.
  • 55: Adopt a pet:
    If you have the Pets EP you adopt a horse, cat or dog of your choice. Take really good care of the animal.
    If you do not have Pets, adopt a fish and take good care of it.
  • 66:Trust fund: The child is born in a very rich family, but a very troubled one. When (s)he was removed from her original family a trust fund was made and you get 10.000 § added to your family funds + the child gets an extra 10.000 § then (s)he becomes a young adult.

*If you want to adopt more children once the teenagers move out after turning into adults please do.
* Any non-adult are called a child here in the body text of the challenge, but in the table “child” means the age group.
*When this challenge says that you “get” money – you use cheats to grand the family those money. The cheat for 1000 § is “katching”


  • Each time you adopt a child you get 1000 § by the state, so you can set them up well in their new home.
  • Each Monday you get another 1000 § as pay for keeping the kids.
  • Both parents are allowed to work and earn money any way they want (as long as they are not criminals). The children and teenagers are also allowed to contribute to the family funds as well.

Life time rewards that are not allowed:

  • No Bills Ever
  • Simmunity

Oh joy

  • Honour roll: If any of your kids gets on to honour roll you get 1000 § from the state as part of their scholarship.
  • Prodigy: If a non-adult reach 8 skill points in any skill they will be considered a prodigy and the state will grand them a scholarship of 1000 §.


  • Arrested: Your sims get arrested for staying out too late: You have to donate to charity* to make up for your loose hold on the law.
  • A bad grade: If any of the kids get a D, you have to make a donation to charity* to make up for the bad grade. You have to do this each day till the kid’s grade is back up to at least a C.

*If the good sim is dead so you can’t donate to charity: You should buy 10 fish and lease them into a public pound as a charity.


Both parents die

If both parents die you loose the challenge. You can’t be a foster family without any parents to take care of them.


  • If one of the parents die you may move in a au-pair. An au-pair is a young adult from another country, who lives with a family and help take care of the house and the kids. If you do not have World Adventures, then you can convince any friend to move in as an au-pair as long as it is a young adult.
  • An au-pair should have her own room, computer and bed. And you should pay any of their expensive.
    You have to convince the au-pair to move in with you – no cheating here.
  • Got WA: The au-pair should be a local from France, China or Egypt.

A child dies…

If any of the children (non-adults) die before becoming young adults: You loose the licence to be a foster family and you lose the challenge.

Move out

When your adopted children move out they the state will give them 15.000 § as start up cash, so their foster family don’t have to worry about setting them up in a new home. If they are a prodigy or an honour student give them 1000 § more. If you are using a hack that spits the money of the household once someone moves out, restore the family funds after they have moved out.


  • You win when 6 kids have made it from adopted to young adults!
  • Kudos if you get to choose all their traits when growing up on each stage.


  • This is a game-play challenge so you are of course not allowed to cheat or have hacks that makes things easier for you. But you may have hacks that tweak things or make things different or harder for you.
  • Anything that is part of the game-play from EA is of course not cheating. So if you want to use the life-time-point rewards or sell tons of tomb-raided stuff go ahead!
  • You should of course use the money cheats to grand your self the money from the state.


? Why can I not adopt babies?
! Because babies normally gates adopted into normal homes, so they do not need fostering.

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  1. Ahh yes – I moved things around so that is why. Let me dig though my files and see if I can find it somewhere

  2. Was about to make my own dice, but got an app on my phone instead! Thanks for the tip Mac, can’t wait to start this challenge.

  3. Hey Mac! I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve revised this challenge for myself to be more compatible with TS4. (It’s only on my pc, I’ve not and will not share it anywhere without your permission) I saw that you are not playing as much anymore. I don’t know what your plans are with this blog and I didn’t want to lose the challenge. I enjoy playing it so much, but I also still need to refer to the rules/table regularly.


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