Rajkavik a modern family home

Lot size: 20×20
Price:  38.780 §
3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms & open living areas
Furnished: no

screenshot-1085UPDATED: New downloaded link.

I just discovered the website NordicDesign.ca and they showed this amazing home in Rajkavik. This is my best try to recreate the home in game. It does not have the fancy split levels, but I still think it look pretty great!

I build it on a very small lot, so I strongly suggest that you move the home to a bigger lot, so you have room for a garden. But I used this small a lot to give you some freedom with the placement of it.

EPs required: all up to Generations
Patch required: 8.00 or newer

CC used – not required but it will look odd if you don’t have it. No CC is included

*You can just use a different door and it will work fine


5 thoughts on “Rajkavik a modern family home

  1. Thank you for letting me know, hmm I will have to try to reexport it. I had some problems in game so I might need to not have a clean version anymore.

  2. May be I’m stupid, but I can’t download. The link above takes me to Spring for Sims and there’s a link back to here. ❓

  3. it seems like the link to my box is broken. I will fix it shortly

    The link you want is the one saying “Download” with big blue letters 🙂

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