Modern Greek House

Lot size: 25×25
Price:  38.725 §
Furnished: no

screenshot-1185Sebausten challenged me to decorate a lobby for a Greek Hotel. I of course couldn’t just make a fake room, so I build this house. It is a modern interpretation of a typical Greek house. I found this wonderful house that I used for inspiration:

The house does not have any interior walls right now, which I hope is ok with you guys. I am going to make it into a dive bar, but I want to use CC for that so this version has a completely unfinished interior. The house is zoned as a residential house.

EPs required: all up to Generations
Patch required: 1.24 or newer

CC used, can be replaced by other objects without too much trouble. I build this house for my self, so that is why there is so many pay items in it


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