Framed Art Posters

LemonJelly wanted some posters for her laundromat. I offered to make her some art posters, like the ones that you can buy at museums that advertise  an exhibition. I made my self a new template for this project that I will be sharing later.

Ingame price: §30



include .package & .sims3package. Now hosted locally

5 thoughts on “Framed Art Posters

  1. I love these posters they are awesome.

    I love wall behind them as well is that available for download anywhere?

  2. These posters are awesome! Exactly what I needed. Would you be willing to upload to a site other than BoxNet (i.e. MediaFire or 4Shared)? My ISP recently began blocking BoxNet for god knows what reason and I am missing out on all of your new art. If it is too much of a bother, now worries I understand.

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