Idol posters

I needed some posters of Sims in game, that was less kitschy than the ones that came with the game. There is 11 posters in the file, all on one mesh so they do not clutter up your catalogue.

Thank you Fashionista125 & sebausten for lending me the photos for the posters. Also thank you SIMale for making the great simlish font. It was a lot of fun making these. I had forgot how fun it is to make ingame paintings.

Updated: The mesh that I used blurred the images quite a bit so I have made a new version using a slightly different basegame mesh. Please re-download.

Ingame price: ยง30

I hope some of you will find them useful.

Download – include .package & .sims3package. Now hosted locally


4 thoughts on “Idol posters

  1. These posterss are awesome! Exactly what I needed. Would you be willing to upload to a site other than BoxNet (i.e. MediaFire or 4Shared)? My ISP recently began blocking BoxNet for god knows what reason and I am missing out on all of your new art. If it is too much of a bother, now worries I understand.

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