Template: Art Poster for Teen Room

I have made this template for making art posters with. It is made for the “teen room”. This template was used to create my Framed Art Posters.

You will need the Simlish Font created by SIMale for the simlish type ot show up correctly.

The template includes a Smart Object that you double click to edit. You just replace the blue poster which your image and save. This updates the image in the template and you can save as DSS ready to be imported into the TSR Workshop.

Made for: Photoshop CS4+

Download – hosted locally

5 thoughts on “Template: Art Poster for Teen Room

  1. This template is awesome! Exactly what I needed. Would you be willing to upload to a site other than BoxNet (i.e. MediaFire or 4Shared)? My ISP recently began blocking BoxNet for god knows what reason and I am missing out on all of your new art. If it is too much of a bother, now worries I understand.

  2. Thank you so much for changing the hosting of your newest downloads. I can now access them with no problem. **Does happy dance and runs off to start downloading spree…wheeeee!***

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