More Abstract Mass Produced Paintings

These CAStable paintings was painted by starving artists in Twinbrook for Pink Rabbit. For this selection we gave the artists more paint to work with. Now you can have a painting that fits any room!

These have 2 channels so you have even bigger control over the look. There are 8 variations in 1 package.
Tip: Use leather, plain or paint textures when reCASting it – they all look great.

I would like to dedicate these to the wonderful staff on LivingSims – I love you guys!

Original mesh by Sixtyten @ LivingSims

Download – now hosted locally

5 thoughts on “More Abstract Mass Produced Paintings

  1. These paintings are awesome! Exactly what I needed. Would you be willing to upload to a site other than BoxNet (i.e. MediaFire or 4Shared)? My ISP recently began blocking BoxNet for god knows what reason and I am missing out on all of your new art. If it is too much of a bother, now worries I understand.

  2. I love them! But this RAR-file only contains a .sims3pack and a .wrk (TSRW) file and not a .package file.

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