Cogs and Gears Club

Lot type: dance club
Lot size: 25 x 25
Furnished: Fully

Sandy from Around the Sims challenged me (imagen me squealing with fangirl joy) to build an arty night club in a basement in Twinbroks – the house had to fit New-Orlean. Because I know the area is swampy I did kind of a half basement on a hill side – I didn’t want the place to fill with swamp water. I did the club as a dance club in a steam punk style as you might have guess from the name. The whole thing is build just using EA stuff. It was quite fun to do.

A lot of store stuff and EP items were used. I will not make a list of them, but the Steam Punk Set was used. I think you can replace pretty much everything else and still have the same feel. If anyone know of a good way to see what store items that is used (without having to upload it to Exchange) please let me know.

EPs up to Genrations
Store stuff and Stuff pack stuff used
Patch required: 1.24 or newer
No Pay items used other then Store items used
1 CC item used


CC used*

Decrapified Store items used**

  • Storybook Globe wall light
  • Boudoir wall mirror
  • Home Comfort wall clock

* Installs with the lot, if you do not want that use CUSTARD to prevent that.
** These items do install with the lot. If you do not want that use CUSTARD to prevent that.
Other store items used as well but they are not included or decrapified.


5 thoughts on “Cogs and Gears Club

  1. Not to be rude, but you really need to tell people if the store content you use is decrapified or not. Decrapified objects package themselves with a lot when you upload them, much like user CC installed via the launcher. 3 store items come packaged with your lot. Anyone installing the lot gets the decrapified objects, unless they already have the same decrapified objects installed.

    Also, by using decrapified objects, you limit the number of people who can enjoy your lots as-is, without needing to replace EA generated items. Unless they want duplicated items in their object catalog.

  2. Hi *** I am simply not sure what I got items which way. Some of my items are decrapified and some are not. If I knew which was which I would tell you, but I do not think there is a easy way to tell which is which.
    So I would tell you which if I could but mine is a mix right now. Other than the Steampunk set it don’t matter much for the look of the lot if some of the items do get replaced.
    If you want to be sure you get a clean lot you can run it though CUSTARD.

    EDIT: I just ran the lot tough CUSTARD and listed the decapified items. I hope that helps.

  3. I knew which ones were decrapified, because I always install lots in package format. Its a faster method of telling that by using custard. For me anyway. I’m just saying you should warn people, and that its a good ideal to just try and use one type of installation process for store stuff. And thanks for posting that bit for other people.

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