Pirat Arrg Water Park

Lot type: Pool
Lot size: 30×40
Furnished: fully
Includes: Water sliders, hot tub, fake kiddie pool, pools, chess table, telescopes, showers, WCs and a fake store.

Going to the community pool can be quite boring, until you visit Pirat Arrg Water Park. This place can be the perfect getaway in your own neighborhood. Hang with your kids at the kiddie pool or hop into your own pool of fun.  Come and indulge in the perfect pirate atmosphere that can keep you and your family entertained.

Note I made this for my self, so that is why there is much store content used in this lot.

Little CC used
Store items used: yes
All EPs required though Generations, All SPs though Town Stuff and a fully patched game (1.24)


CC used:

EA store used

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