Sunset Valley small police station

Lot type: No Vistors Allowed
Lot size: 10×15
Furnished: fully

I wanted a small police station instead of the Rabbit Hole, so I made my own little local station. It just have one interview room, a briefing room/kitchenette and a reception/office space and a little toilet. It mostly handles tragic and curfew violations, burglaries and neighbour complaints, so it don’t need to be big nor fancy. I hope it will keep your sims safe though.

CC used: A few peices
Store items used: yes
All EPs required though Generations, All SPs though Town Life Stuff and a fully patched game (1.24)

If you want the lot to function as a police station you need to change the door to Jynx’s rabbit hole police station door


CC Used

EA Store items Used

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