Recycling Center

Lot type: Junk Yard
Lot size: 30×20
Furnished: Fully

Last year Sunset Valley declared it self a green city and one of the big projects was to start recycling. The Junk yard too important to be an unorganzied junk yard. Much of the stuff can be recycled. So the city counsel decided to convert the old junk yard into a modern recycling center, where any useable part could be taken out of the trash and things could be sorted so that as much of the city’s trash as possible could be reused – perhaps even up-cycled.

The new Recycling Center has a sorting room where the citizens can dump their batteries, paper, glass, electronics etc into the appropriate bins. There is a room where you or a worker can disassemble things the citizens bring in – one of the workers is also making scap art here. And there is a room where citizens can leave old furniture, so that others may pick them up if they want them. Behind the building there is a yard with all kinds of junks that is being sorted.

CC used: No
Store items used: yes
All EPs required though Generations, All SPs though Town Life Stuff and a fully patched game (1.24)


EA Store item used

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