Danish Church

Lot type: Small Park
Lot size: 30×20
Furnished: Fully

This is my take on a very typical Danish village church. The original church was build in the 1100s. There is a church more or less like this in any older village in Denmark, so I wanted one in my game as well. They are always build on a high point and the graveyard surrounds it. There should be a stone wall around the lot, but because of the way I set it up I left out that part. You can off course add that your self.

I wanted a functional church in my neighbourhood as well as a graveyard, so I deleted the graveyard and used the lot tool to place down two 30×20 lots in the graveyard’s place.

The lot functions as a party location. Please do not move the 3 BBQs in the tower, if you want it to continue to do so.

CC used: Yes
Store items used: yes
All EPs required though Generations, All SPs though Town Life Stuff and a fully patched game (1.24)


CC Used:

EA Store stuff used:

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