Calender with Pets pictures

I really liked the little cat calender that came with Pets, what I did not like was the lime green and the lack of choice of pictures. I messed around with it a bit, failed and asked Baufive for help. He remapped the mesh and made the texture large enough for decent pictures. So a huge thank you Baufive! You are once again the saviour of my project. I also want to thank the great people from LivingSims who have lend me their pictures. So thank you: annyway, Kiare, Findu, Kementari, Chicagostorm, KatCat and Findu!

And yes that is Laika in the preview….


The calender includes 20 different pets pictures and is fully CAStable. The paper, cover and pin are CAStable.

Thank you Annyway for the previews!

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