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I don’t know about you guys, but sometimes I want to have an opening in an interior wall – a window with no glass in it basicly. To add a serving window or to give a room some openness or for a million other reasons. I presented the problem of glassless windows to my good friend from Awesims. She said it should be easy enough to do, just remove the glass groups from the mix. I tried it and it worked. I asked two mesh creators if I could borrow their meshes and they said yes, so here you have it windowless glass.

Thank you Sixtyten for the help figuring out how to do it. Thank you Kementari for taking the amazing previews. And thank you hudy777DeSign & HugeLunatic from mts, for letting me use your meshes for this little project!

You can get the glass-filled version of the windows here & here.

There are a number of different windows in this set. A stack of counter high windows, some high ones and some low ones. I hope you find some use for them.


29 thoughts on “Glass free windows

  1. Thanks so much for making these! So lucky I came across this wonderful set, I wanted to make some myself but could never find the time, these will be put to use on my custom rabbit holes!

  2. Thank you these will allow me(and others) to build things we could not before. Shame they can’t move objects through it though but thats a whole other issue. Thanks again

  3. Thank you everyone I am so happy that you like it. It was surprisingly easy to do! If anyone are interested in how I can explain it 🙂

    Nyamsus: I don’t think it is a whole building I think Kem just created 1½ room for the preview.

  4. I like the doctor’s office room too. I have been making a doctor’s office, but I like this one much better! Are you sure this room is not available for download somewhere?

  5. Sheri, I am sure, but I am talking to Kem and she might finish the building. As you can see, there is a good amount of EA stuff there, so you could probably borrow some of her ideas, if you do not want to wait for her perhaps finish the building.

  6. Mac, I’ve needed this forever. Thanks for thinking of it and sharing them 🙂 You’re fab Mac 🙂

  7. Hi thats briliant can u make big one like wall lenth and 2 or 3 tiles wide so it can be used as opening to garden or patio

  8. Thank you guys!

    Yumpkin – can’t you use a arch for that? The big one is half of the high of a wall – I think the full wall high thing would just be a door arch – wouldn’t it?

  9. I absolutely love this – I built my own hospital and tried to make it look really authentic – this will really be great – now EA or someone just needs to come up with a professional carrer for the docs office with uniforms. Thank you.

  10. MAC, this is EXACTLY what I was looking for! Thanks for making these! By the way: “glass-less windows” are known as “pass throughs” in the interior design world, because your eye “passes through” them into another space, and you can pass things through them, using them as serving windows.

  11. Paula: If you are using internet explore it eats ALL of my download links – I have no idea how to fix this other than to tell you to try another browser. The download link is there but IE strips it out.

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