Farmers Market – updated

Lot type: Consignment Store
Lot size: 30×40
Furnished: Fully

Sunset Valley Garden Community brought a lot on the edge of town with an old barn on the lot. They wanted to create a community garden where the local community could grown veggies on a larger scale and where they could teach their kids about growing food. Then the garden had been planted and started growing they started selling their product from the old barn. It was a success and after a few years it grew into a full farmers market. Now it is a popular Satureday outing location for many in town. So let your sims join the rest next Satureday and taste the great product.

The lot has a consignment store, pet store, relics and a nectary cash register, so you can get pretty much you need from there. The lot also has animal and insect spawners.

CC used: Yes
Store items used: yes
All EPs required though Generations, All SPs though Town Life Stuff and a fully patched game (1.26)


Updated for Supernatural and Seasons – included Alchemy Store and a few extra objects

Download – updated

CC Used – non of this is needed – but it does make it cooler

EA Store stuff used

6 thoughts on “Farmers Market – updated

  1. I love it Mac! all in one! is perfect for my Appaloosa Plains!
    Fits perfectly with the town, i will use it a lot!
    Thanks for all your amazing work.

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