5 new roofs

I have not been too happy with the red clay tile roof that EA gave us with the basegame so the other day I decided to do something about it. While I was at it I created 4 more roofs. There is a red clay tile roof, 2 tar paper roofs and 2 roof plate roofs.

The 4 of the them works perfect, but the last one (Tar-paper-lines) have a little error then yo use it on complicated roofs so I suggest only using that one on simple roofs without a lot of of joints.

Thank you annyway for taking the previews and making the roofs look so good.

Download roofs

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4 comments on “5 new roofs

  1. adalita, i used the house from agnes crumplebottom for the preview shots.
    its called august moon and you can find it in sunset valley, 230 redwood parkway ;)

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