New World: Rownshire BETA

NB: Problems with the pedestrian routing over the bridges. I am trying to fix it but I am having problems. If anyone think they can help, please email me!

This new world is build for pre-modern game play such as medieval, renaissance, antiquity or even early modern periods. It is also perfect for your fantasy world.

The world is based on the Danish climate, so it has a lot of deciduous trees. There are a few rocks around the world but no cliffs or mountains. It is a hilly world with a lot of farm land around. There is no houses included in the world at all, it is meant as a build your own world-base. Most of the lots are small or tiny but there are some good size lots in there as well. The world is meant for someone who want to build their own world – most lots are not suited for downloaded lots! The world has spawners of all kinds.

Completely CC Free!

I have all EPs installed including Pets, so the world might need all of them. I know I have used items from WA, but I am not sure if you can play it without the other EPs.

I have only tested this on my machine so it is not beta-tested, so use at your own risk! Please report any problems here.

As always with new worlds, it is a good idea to save and go to the main menu and re-entering before starting to play, it makes the fog spawners etc. work probably.

Download RownShire v1

NB: If you downloaded the version called RownShire 1.0.rar please delete that and download the new one. The old one will not let you load the save games fromt hat world.

Most lots in this world are residential. If you do not want that many sims to move in, just change them to community lots in Edit Town mode. The few community lots that are there are located where I need them, but that may not be where you want them.

The world is build on a large map, but I think the playable area is about medium size.

I might end up uploading some of my buildings for this world but I have chosen not to include them because I want to give you the freedom to build your own world + I do not want to include any CC in the world.

Recormended CC:

  • Overwatch: This is highly rerecorded then playing any world – it removes stucked sims and cars for you so it really cuts down on lag. This is not a hack but really a bug fix.
  • Master Controller: Allows you change the clothing on any sim in your neighbourhood among other very handy things.
  • Medieval finds: In case you want to play a medieval world LivingSims Forum got a a great list of CC that would work well for you.

22 thoughts on “New World: Rownshire BETA

  1. It is beautiful, Mac! I am going to create a save just for this ‘hood. I really appreciate the suggested CC list as I didn’t know I could change NPC clothing. Thank you for sharing. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hold da helt op! This is just so pretty.
    I knew you were danish, but as I saw the first pics at My Sims 3 Blog, I didnยดt know that you actually meant it to look danish as well. But it does! It makes me feel so homesick even though Iยดm sitting in the middle of it. Iยดll just have to tag you, so I can find it again, when Iยดm ready for a new world.
    Congratulations, you have done a wonderful job here.

  3. Downloaded your new world yesterday, and just saved it. Was ready to enter again today. You had already uploaded a new fix so on to fixing. I’m building a new SciFi house. Perhaps not what it’s meant for, but a white modern house can be anywhere ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s saving nicely, I moved a family in today. I don’t know if they will ever have a normal life, I’m just a builder lol. What I noticed is the slightly different lot sizes and some very small, a couple of very big once too, and it’s not totally flat. Many downloaders prefer flat lots because the game sometimes give them lots of work fixing edges. It doesn’t bother me much if I can find some nice flat ones or just flatten them myself. It may make it less consumerfriendly though ๐Ÿ™‚ The small lots may be merged perhaps? I haven’t tried that, found a nice long, narrow lot fitting my plan.

    I always like finding new worlds that doesn not include lots of rubbish, and work fine. This one seems to do so far. Someone else have to test the playtesting. It might be a while til I need something playtested that would fit here. Don’t know what will be of my SchFi house yet.

    Great work ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Thank you for the feedback Tullarask!
    I have not flattened the lots because this is really meant for builders the size of the lots do not fit most downloaded lots anyway. I really wanted a tight chaotic city look for my world. But I see your point with the many small lots and I am kind of of a mind to perhaps put out a different version with bigger lots in the city area.

  5. I sent my couple out a bit today. The husband went of to a park and met a guy. So it started populating at once. The mail delivering buy was also out today. My wife sim went to the graveyard and to the beach. At the beach she ran into some routing issues. She went half way down and went I sent her even further down, she had to go up to the street again to find a new route.

    I was a bit surpriced really. I thought I had to build some houses for sims to move into. A thing I noticed is the route down from the egyptian bridges to the ground, does it have to be that steep? I also noticed the edge of this world on the back side. Can’t you make it more seamless? Suddenly it stops into a void kind if ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m also a bit surpriced you went for the egyptian bridges, didn’t you want the standard yellow brick ones instead? I saw you mentioned the bridges already, so you have probably heard. I just wanted to say what I thought.

    I see your point with the not flatten lots. I can probably just place my own standard size lots instead and flatten them. No problem for me. Always nice to have a new nabourhood to test my lots in.

    I made a slideshow with some images, hope it works:

  6. I went with the Egyptian bridges because I liked that they are flat instead of arched – many of the arched bridges really look rather modern. I think the Egyptian ones actually looks kind of Roman. If the Chinese bridge had been wider that is the one I would have used. You wouldn’t believe the amount of troubles I had just getting the bridges to work – they were sooo annoying – so I don’t really dare touching the areas around them. I spend a whole day just getting them to work.

    Your routeing problems on the beach are they around the area you show in the pictures?

    As for the edge of the world, I could add the EA distant landscape things but then I would have to repaint and reshape the edges of the world to make them fit – and I don’t think they would work with my colouring of my world. If there are any particular patches where it is really bad, would you mind snapping a shot of them?

    Thank you very much for the images!

  7. The area where the couple stand together by the beach is where she went to be able to get that far down. She was slightly closer to the camera and quite a bit to the left from where she’s standing now.

    I don’t dear giving you advice on the technical stuff. I have tried making my own world, but I never got EIG to work, so it was kind of pointless. You could post it in the MTS feedback forum. That’s where the brains are.

    I did get the section bridge to work though, but it did need help making it, and I never really got to try it in game.

  8. Mac, this world looks wonderful, and it’s just about perfect for a Sims project I’ve been wanting to undertake for a long time, but never found quite the right world. I really like that it has all dirt roads and no streetlamps! Love the rolling hills and deciduous trees, too. I haven’t played much in it yet, but while looking around I did notice that a few lots had some fairly noticeable lot tears. I took pictures of a couple of them: the first one here is on a hill towards the middle of the map (it looked like it would be a good meadow/park), and the second one here is on the lot with the tall spooky tree. I don’t have much CAW experience, so I’m not sure how they happen, but I think I read that if you place lots and then do some terrain sculpting, it can cause tears. And sometimes they’re just inevitable — even EA worlds have tears here and there. Anyway, since this is a Beta world, I thought you might want to know! I’m looking forward to playing more of the world. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. You are totally right that is what courses the tears. I cover them up with plants in my version of the world but hank you for letting me know about them and thank you for the pictures!
    I do plan to fix at least some of them and a path problem that I at least have over the left bridge but I need some help from mts to fix it.
    But I might put out a version 3 this week.

  10. You are awesome Tullarask – I am working on fixing the stupid bridge issue but I am waiting for someone on mts to look it over for me. And the video is looking great

  11. Hello ! I’m looking forward to play with this world, but I can’t seem to find the download link T~T. Where is it please ?

  12. Nath: if you are using IE (Internet explore) as a browser it seem to eat my download links – I have no idea why so I can’t really fix it. But it works prefectly in other browsers.

  13. Would you be able to upload the CAW file please, so we can put lots where we want them etc. I’m very grateful for this world, I’m trying to make a a fairytale/fantasy world in CAW but my terrain painting skills are terrible.

  14. When I downloaded this at first, it was perfect and amazing, including bridges to cross the river. But then I started it again, (to start afresh) and the bridges have gone? I don’t know whats happened, but they’ve just disappeared! Now my sims cant cross the rivers, any suggestions on what I should do?

  15. I would suggest that you download the new version of this world that I made, that has dams instead of bridges over the rivers as I had tons of problems with the bridges

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