Old Pier Beach: maded over

Lot type: Beach
Lot size: 60×67
Furnished: Fully

KatCat at LivingSims asked me if I could make the beach lot in Sunset Valley more useful. I have tried to do just that. She wanted a functioning bar there and something for the sims to do. I have added that and a few other activities. The lot is categorised as a Beach Lot but you can set it as a bar venue of some sort if you want a bit more functionality.

I think I might have used one or two store items but I am not sure, I tried not to. I might put up a list later right now I am too sleepy. Take it or leave it. If I have used any it is the fruit bowl or small things like that.

CC used: No
Store items used: yes
All EPs used though Pets, All SPs though Master Suite Stuff
Requires patch 1.31


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