Boxy modern

Price: 40.599 §
Lot size: 25×20
Furnished: Kitchen and bath
2 bedroom, 1½ bath, large living & kitchen space, big garage, downstairs utility room/office, 3 terraces.


The main living areas of the house are upstairs, while the downstairs mainly serves as service areas for the rest of the house. It is here you find the utility room, the garage, the extra bathroom where you bath the dog etc. The downstairs area could also work as a mini-apartment for live in children or in-laws or perhaps a butler or your sims’ crazy big brother? The upstairs holds two big bedrooms with a bathroom each along with a large kitchen and living area. The house has three terraces where you can have out door functions. There is done a little gardening around the house but it could use a lot more work.

I have used a little of CC but if you do not have just those windows just replace it with something similar.

Requires all EPs including Showtime and all SPs including Master Suite
Patch required: 1.31 or newer
No Pay items used, some Store items has been used


CC used

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