Rowhouse – remake

Price: 54.836 §
Lot size: 30×40
Furnished: A little outside
5 apartment units with 1 bedrooms each in two plans.


This is a rebuild of some row houses I made for sims 2 that I really liked. Now that we can have apartments again I thought it was time to rebuild them + I keep challenging people to do town house gardens so I better build some for them.

There is a common area behind the individual gardens.

Advise on how to convert it into a apartment complex in from LsExtra


Requires no EPs or SPs – basegame friendly!
Patch required: 1.33 or newer
No Pay items used, no Store items has been used

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  1. No, I do not share my stuff on the Exchange – however you can download it directly from this post. If you are using Internet Explore you might now see the download link

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