Champs Les Sim Town Square (updated)

Lot size: 25×26
Furnished: fully
Small Park

Sorry for the bad screen shot from buy mode, I will get a better one tomorrow

Part of the Project Champs Les Sims
This is a replacement for the town square lot in Champs Les Sims. Now your sims can not only play chess but also preform on the little stage or watch a show of performer. The square’s feel is still the same but it is a bit more use-able and a bit less flowery.

How do I replace the existing lot with your lot?
You install the lot like you normally do, and enter the save game where you want to use the lot. Go into edit town and press the little Eiffel Tower in the upper left corner. Now delete the existing lot using the bulldozer tool and place my lot instead.

Download or get it on Exchange

Requires all EPs up to Showtime
Requires the following SPs: None
Patch required: 1.36 or newer
No Pay items used, noStore items has been used

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