Lifetime wishes cheat sheet

Ok, this is not really a cheat sheet, but I couldn’t come up with a better name. This document is made by my awesome sister, who is enough of a geek to sit down and write out a list of all the lifetime wishes. Not only that but each lifetime wish has a list of useful skills and lifetime rewards. There are also notes for those lifetime wishes that are a bit more tricky to get to.

There is also a column with with a number next to each lifetime wish, which allows you to random generate your lifetime wish for your sims – all you need is a number generator going from 1-64, and I am sure google can find you a nice one. This might be really handy if you want a bit more of a challenge in your game.

This might not seem really useful, but trust me it is. If you are ever in doubt about which life time reward to spend your points on, then this is for you. We checked that the lifetime rewards listed are actually relevant to the lifetime wish and not just a waist of your points. Not all of them does what you think they do on first glance.

Download Cheat Sheet

All credit goes to: Kiare
A big thanks to Carl for making his awesome info page – it was mighty helpful.
You might also find this list of all the lifetime rewards helpful

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  1. Just curious if your sister ever updated this? I’m still playing Sims 3 and I use this cheat sheet a lot when I get a LTW from the EPs it covers!

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