Challenge: Out on your Ear – beta

Concept: Your sim has been thrown out of their home. Why is up to you, perhaps they have had that final argument with their parents, or a your sim can’t stand their abusive spouse one minute longer. Perhaps their sim’s house burned down or they didn’t pay the rent? Anyway, your sim left home in a hurry with only a few belongings and the cash in their wallet. Sadly your sim is not particularly talented, not at all creative and can’t seem to hold a job for very long. This challenge is all about being creative with the way you earn money. This is a 1 generation challenge.

We are beta-testing it right now, so comments on how it works are very welcome!

Goal: Your sim really want to be rich, so achieve a net-value of 100.000 § (testing this goal right now)

Requires: World Adventures OR Generations OR Island Paradise


  • Create a sim. The sim can not be a supernatural. The sim has to have the trait Loser OR Unlucky. You may pick all the other traits your self.
    Randomise or pick a lifetime wish from the list below. If your game is patched you are not limited by the game in what life time wishes you can choose from.
    Your sims may not have any skill points when they start the challenge.
  • Move your sim in to a 10×10 lot.
  • Buy a sleeping bag (if you have generations) OR a tent (if you have world adventures), perfurably a sleeping bag. This item may at no point be sold.
  • Reduce your sims money to 100 §


Not allowed:

  • Your sim do not have a gram of creative talent, so nobody will ever want to buy their paintings/writings/sculptures. You may not sell these, though you may create them. You are however only allowed to practice writing, so you may not use the write book option.
  • Your sim can not hold a job. You may get employed in a career or profession or a part time job (but not as a self-employed), but you may only hold the job for one sim day, when you have to quit the job.
  • You are only allowed to be employed five times in total, by then the word has gotten around town and nobody want to employ you any more. Said in another way, you may only ever have five workdays in your sim’s life.
  • If your pets collect anything you may not sell it. You sim simply can not get them self to part with the treasure that their fluffy friends gives them.
  • You are not allowed to ask how much money a sim has.
  • If your sim is a kleptomanic they are not allowed to sell their stolen items, but they are allowed to use them.
  • Send any children to boarding school
  • You are of course not allowed to buy under-priced items (items that are cheaper than their EA-counter-parts).
  • You are not allowed to sell fruits and vegetables you harvest outside your own lot. This is especially the case with the special fruits (life, death and omni fruits). The exection is things you find outside of lots (residential/community).
  • Your sim is not allowed to move to another lot or to move out of the lot to live with other people.
  • Being a business partner, really who would let your sim be a partner, she can’t even hold up a job!
  • If you attend university you may not ask for financial aid while there.
  • If the game gives you random object (fx the social group objects) you may uses them, but not sell them
  • The dragons from the store, they are simply making things way too easy.


  • To move in other sims though game play. If you do so, the same rules apply as for your sim, and their total number of jobs count against the total. So if your sim already had three jobs, your new sim may only have two jobs.
  • To earn money in any way you can, that is not prohibited.
  • To travel each travel destination (World Adventures) once and only once.
  • To use life time rewards
  • To adopt animals or buy them.
  • To moonlight as a mixologist
  • You are allowed to sell any fruits/veggies that you have grown/planted your self.
  • If you receive gift in the mail, either from admires or your online friends, you may use them, but not sell them. If you get money this way, you have to spend it on outdoor plants. However furniture, has to stay in the family inventory.
  • If you find veggies/mushrooms/fruits outside of lots (community or residential) you are allowed to sell your harvest
  • You may attend university


  • For not using the collection helper (lifetime rewards)
  • Start with a pet
  • Start with a elder or teen sim (using hacks)
  • Get your sims knocked up as fast as possible!
  • For not using the Inheritance (lifetime rewards)
  • Start your sim out in the fall


  • Your sim has a family net value of § 100.000
  • OR achieve your lifetime goal and have § 50.000 in cash


  • If your sim dies before the challenge is over you loose, unless Death lets them live of course.
  • If you get visited by the repo man more than three times you also loose the challenge and your little plot of land.

Hacks & Cheats:

  • You are not allowed to use any hacks that you think feel like cheating for this challenge. You are allowed to use any hack that just tweaks the gameplay.
  • You are of course allowed to use the family fund cheat to reduce your sim’s money at the start of the challenge to 100§
  • You are allowed to use building cheats.
  • You are not allowed to cheat with the money.

Game play tips

I have put some game play tips in a separate blog post, so that you can get some inspiration if you are stuck at how to earn money.

Possible lifetime wishes:

  1. Bottomless Nectar Cellar
  2. Chess Legend
  3. Descendant of Da Vinci
  4. Gold Digger
  5. Golden Tongue/ Golden Fingers
  6. Heartbreaker
  7. Illustrious Author
  8. Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous
  9. Living in the Lap of Luxury
  10. Martial Arts Master
  11. Master of the Art
  12. Master Mixologist
  13. Master Romancer
  14. Monster Maker
  15. One Sim Band
  16. Perfect Mind Perfect Body
  17. Physical Perfection
  18. Presenting the Perfect Private Aquarium
  19. Possession is Nine Tenths of the Law
  20. Renaissance Sim
  21. Super Popular
  22. Surrounded by Family
  23. Swimming in Cash
  24. The Animal Rescuer
  25. The Ark Builder
  26. The Canine Companion
  27. The Cat Herder
  28. The Culinary Librarian
  29. The Fairy Tale Finder
  30. The Jockey
  31. The Zoologist
  32. The Perfect Garden
  33. The Tinkerer
  34. Visionary

3 thoughts on “Challenge: Out on your Ear – beta

  1. This was fun!

    I did the challenge with the 100.000 net value lifetime wish. and compleated it 5 days after my sim became an adult.

    Thanks mac for the challenge!

  2. Ok I can not recommend starting in the fall my sim just froze solid and I had to build a shed around her by selling the stuff from her inventory she was planing to consign the day after. Otherwise she would have died of hunger! Poor sim!

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