Vertical Nude Paintings Female

Be warned there are pixel-nudity. The forth of a series of paintings, sketches and posters of tasteful nudes and pinups. Today I have a number of paintings and sketches with female motives. I hope these will fit your bathrooms and bedrooms.

Thank you to KatCat for the previews!


6 thoughts on “Vertical Nude Paintings Female

  1. I love these paintings, i downloaded the bigger set as well.

    Just a quick question and it is very random, but where is that shelf from in the second picture?

    Love your stuff, I’ll definitely be downloading more =]

  2. danielle, that shelf in the 2nd picture is not actually a shelf. It is the “Simple Desk” from Awesims. I used the move objects cheat to put it through the wall and granthe’s OMSP to place objects.

      1. Thank you. 🙂 And, nope, that is an actual shelf in the 1st picture. It is available at the same site as the bath curtain.

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