Out on your Ear: Game play Tips

Spoiler alert. Updated the 17th of August 2012
I have put some game play tips in a separate blog posts, so that you can get some inspiration if you are stuck at how to earn money. Only open this post if you need help.

Set up

Pick your traits carefully. The following traits are really helpful:

  • Mooch
  • Loves the outdoors
  • Kleptomaniac
  • Frugal
  • Brave
  • Rebellious

Also it might be a good idea to think about where you set up your lot so it isn’t too fare from the community lots you want.

During Game play

Since you may only ever work five days with your sims, this challenge is all about earning money in non-traditional ways. I will list a number of ways that I have found useful.

  • Fishing – this is a nice way to get a steady income
  • Preform tricks for tips at the pool table
  • Preform for tips with an instrument
  • Find rocks/gems/metal around the world
  • If rocks/gems/metal are worth something get them melted or cut, it increase the value enough to be worth it.
  • Find critters around the world
  • Look for insects around the world and sell them at the science building
  • Sell what you find and grow at the consignment store
    Consider getting this hack, that lets you sell more stuff at the consignment store
  • Harvest enough plants around town to get the first gardening point and plant a garden and sell your excess produce
  • Buy a bar and get the first skill point in mixology and start to moonlight as a mixologist
  • Travel and explore tombs and earn tons of money
  • Get some scrap and a invention station and start building gadgets
  • Mix some potions at the chemist table and sell them
  • Explore the catacombs at the graveyard
  • Breed horses and sell them at the equestrian centre
  • Become a business partner
  • If you become a business partner of a restaurant or a diner you eat for free there.
  • For fill your sims’ wishes so that you can buy some lifetime rewards, some of them are very useful
  • Take all the opportunities you can – especially if the reward are money or gardening
  • Don’t get a maid or a handyman unless you can see that you could earn more money than what you pay them by doing something else.
  • Buy or build a harvester it will make gardening and collecting stuff a lot faster
  • Selling scraps pays quite well
  • Finding things in other people’s trash cans can give you a bit of stuff to use or sell.

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