The Asylum revamp

Price: 42.168§
Lot size: 20×20
1 bath, 1 WC, kitchen, 6 cell bedrooms, 2 living areas, pool and garden
Furnished: completely

I build this house so that you have a lot to start on if you want to play my “Asylum Challenge – revamp“, if you do not feel like building yourself today. The lot have everything your sims will need as well as a setup I think will work pretty well. I have used mostly fairly low priced items so that you can update your stuff as you go.

Thank you annyway for taking the pictures, my game was not happy with me while building.


Requires all EPs up to Showtime
Requires the following SPs: up till Diesel
No CC, no store content has been used
Patch required: 1.36 or newer
No Pay items used, no Store items has been used

4 thoughts on “The Asylum revamp

  1. Very good – and oddly creepy! Have you play-tested it? Did you make all the residents neurotic? 🙂

  2. Yep it’s play tested. I use the rules from my asylum challenge which you can find here on the site

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