Cute silhouettes

UPDATE: I have added three new sets of pictures to this file as requested. You now have dogs, cats and horses in there as well. Please redownload the file

I really liked the dog silhouette pictures that came with Pets, but I didn’t like the lack of options – I am a huge fan of options. So here are options!

Requires the Pets EP

Download the paintings *updated*

Thank you annyway for the previews, they make me giggle.

3 thoughts on “Cute silhouettes

  1. Hey, I have been a huge fan for a very longtime I loved your stuff for TS2 and I love your TS3 stuff even more. I love options too, but one I don’t see is cat silhouettes I’m surprised EA didn’t make one to begin with. Maybe you will add one? Thanks for creating such great stuff.

  2. My sister is begging me for horse silhouettes as well so I could probably add some more in there. I am really happy you like it.

  3. That would be really cool. I hadn’t thought of horse ones because the horses are the only part of the game that don’t render on my video card without making it all wonky. I have a new computer in the works but it won’t be ready till around Christmas.

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