Challenge: Party Animal

Concept: Your sim just loooooves to party and it is their goal in life to make other people’s life more fun. Your sim wants to hold as many great or epic parties as they can throughout their life! Your sim also want to keep the gang together and make sure you do not outgrow each other! Along the way you do of course try to fulfill your sim’s wishes. This is a one generation challenge

Updated for all EPs up to and including Seasons

Goal: Host 20 great parties (or higher). Have 10 in mixiology and have 5 BBFs


  • Create a sim, looks and age are totally up to you!
    The sim must have party animal as one of their traits. The rest of the traits are up to you!
    The sim may not start out as a supernatural creature.
    Your sim may be any age that your game allow you to live by your self at.
    You may have any life time wish you want.
    Suggested life time wishes: Super Popular, Leader of the Free World, Master Mixologist
  • We suggest to take a few of the following traits, but they are by no means required: Childish, Commitment Issues, Inappropriate, Rebellious, Social Butterfly, Snob, Proper, Night Owl, Diva
  • Your sim may move into any house or lot they can affort once you created them. You may not cheat with the money. So no Free Realestate


Not allowed:

  • The following lifetime rewards are not allowed: Legendary Host, Long Distance Friend


  • Your sim may become a supernatural creature though gameplay
  • You are allowed to use any ingame method to reach your goal
  • You are allowed to host parties at other locations than your home lot.


Kudos for having any of the the following traits: Ambitious, Brooding, Dislikes Children, Evil, Grumpy, Hot Headed, Insane, Loser, Mean Spirited, Neurotic, No Sense of Humor, Shy, Technophobe, Brooding or Unlucky


You win the challenge when all of the following requirements are meet

  • Your sim has hosted 20 great or epic parties (keep track on a piece of paper)
  • Your sim has 10 in mixology
  • You have 5 BBFs


You loose the challenge if any of these requirements are meet:

  • Your sim dies
  • You host 20 parties that are disasters (keep track on a piece of paper)

Hacks & Cheats:

  • You are not allowed to use any hacks that you think feel like cheating for this challenge. You are allowed to use any hack that just tweaks the gameplay.
  • You are allowed to use building cheats.
  • You are not allowed to cheat with the money at any point.

About Parties

Credit to Sims-wiki and for the info

  • House Party – A typical party.
  • Destination Party – Only seems to be available for parties out of the house.
  • Birthday Party -When a Sim grows up.
  • Wedding Party -When two Sims get married.
  • Funeral – Players can give a funeral party after a Sim has died.
  • Campaign Fundraiser – Only available to Sims with political careers. Guests at these 3 hour long events will give the host campaign funding based on how well they enjoy themselves.
  • Teen house party [Generations] – This is only available to a Teenager whose parent(s) have taken the “Free Vacation” opportunity. The Teen may get a phone call from their cell phone during the party that someone was watching them and have called the police; at this point the Teen can break up the party, but the guests may say the party was lame.
  • Slumber party [Generations]- A typical sleepover. Around 9 PM everyone at the slumber party (including the host) will get an autonomous action to sleep in a sleeping bag.
  • Bachelor(ette) party [Generations] – Only an engaged Sim can throw a bachelor(ette) party. Bachelor(ette) parties feature entertainers whose gender is based on the gender of the bachelor(ette).
  • Feast Party [Seasons] Unlike other parties where you have to prepare everything yourself, a feast party cuts your workload in half. Guests who attend this party will bring their favorite dishes, which eliminates your time over a hot stove. The game automatically generates guests with enough food to feed all attendees twice. Time to get stuffed!
  • Gift Giving Party [Seasons] This party is all about spreading the Holiday Cheer. Invite guests to your home to take part in a special gift giving process. As guests arrive, they will being along a gift which they place into the “gift pile”. Once all guests have arrived, use the “Call everyone to open gifts” option. At this time Sims will gather around the gift pile and take turns opening gifts. Notifications will inform you of what gifts your household Sims have received.
  • Costume Party [Seasons] Costume Parties are a new fun way to bring together Sims of all ages. Guests, both children and adults, will arrive at your home wearing randomly selected costumes. When the party begins, your household Sims will also randomly change into a costume.

Gameplay hints

Carl has a guide on hosting parties if you are finding that you need help. Find the guide here. I personally find it a little cheaty but use at your own discretion.

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