Club: Jump In

Lot size: 30×30
Furnished: fully
Lot type: Poolside club

This is a spa/poolside club. I wanted to build a lot that uses the premium content that I got with Sunlight Tides that would fit into Moonlight Shores. I did a large lot with plenty of room for your sims to have a great time. I build it with my sister so credit to Kiare!

Fair warning: This does use CC and premium store content.

For some reason this lot will not show up on Exchange so I can’t check the SPs and EPs and store content like I usaly do. I hope I got all of it on my list, but I can not be sure that I didn’t miss anything.


CC included

Requires: All EPs up to Supernatural
Requires the following SPs: I am not sure
Patch required: 1.38 or newer
No Pay items used. Some store items has been used

CC used (included in the file)

Store items used

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