Ellen’s Basecamp

Lot size: 30×30
Furnished: fully
Lot type: Big Park


With NRaas’ Travler mod, you can set up any world as a travel world. But if you want that world to have a basecamp you need to build one or place on in the world. I wanted to build one for my self, that would fit into most world, but I thought I might as well share it with you as well. This lot is originally build as a big park and I have made that version avaible for you as well, but there is also a version categorized as basecamp. If you want to replace an existing basecamp you will most likely need the cheat “EnableLotLocking true” and unlock the existing basecamp first.

The camp is a small woodland campground with a few tends, a pond and a house with restrooms and showers. There is also a few playground objects and you can harvest honey there as well. The pond have French fish and frogs in it – I thought they would look most fitting – and I love the idea of kids hunting for frogs. If you are using the lot in a tropical or desert world you might want to change the trees to palm trees but I think the rest will work for you. I have tried not to use too much ground paint and make it not-green so it will not look stupid in non-grass covered worlds.

Download as Park  – CC included

Download as Basecamp – CC included

Requires: Supernatural, Seasons, Pets, Generations, Late Night, World Adventures, Ambitions
Requires the following SPs: none
No Pay items used. No store items has been used. CC used and included in the download as separate files

CC Used and included:

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