Challenge: Wish Fulfilment

balloon_ful2Concept: Fulfil every whim and wish your sim might have! No matter the conveniences!

The rule are simple:


Create any sim you want. The sim may be a supernatural or not. Your sim may have all the family, room mates and pets they want when you start out. Your sim may be any age you want. Move your sim into a house the newly created household can afford.


You must lock any and all wishes your sim have, and try your very best to fulfil them. When you have an open wish slot, you must fill it with the next wish that comes in the wish-tray. If you have more than one wish to choose from, you may do so.

This of course also applies to wish from mood swings and mid-life-crises etc.


If an opportunity comes up, you must take it if you have room for it. And then you must of course try to do the opportunity.

You may never drop a wish or an opportunity unless it has become completely impossible.
Ex if your sim wants to marry Hanna, but Hanna passes away and if the wish does not go away by it self, you may drop it.

Lifetime wish:

You have to work towards fulfilling your lifetime wish.
If it is possible for you (though hacks) you have to pick a new lifetime wish when you fulfil the first one.

Kudos: For randomising yoru sims’ traits and lifetime wish.


Get as many life time happiness points as possible!
Hover over the the chest in the Life Time Happiness tab to see your points


The challenge ends

The challenge ends when your sim dies of old age

And no cheating…

We would to know…

Stating age:
Age at death (days):
Points at death:
Any you want to tell us!


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