Recormended Challenges

069These are challenges I enjoy playing when I am bored with my game. I like things challenging so my favourite challenges have few money, lots of sims and quite a lot of restrictions. I also like challenges that forces me to try something out of my comfort zone.

balloon_gre2The Homeless Challenge: You live in a park, with no money and no job. You can not put any furniture in your park, but you try to earn your down payment on a real home (20.000§) without ever having a real job. One generation challenge.

balloon_frugaThe Poverty Challenge: Start with nothing and earn your way the good life. You win when you have a house worth at least 100,000 simoleons.

balloon_reaRoyal Kingdom Challenge & another version: This is my inspiration for my medieval world, but I do not strictly follow the rules – I kind of have my own rules.

Some challenges that I want to try

The Wicked Homemaker mini-challenge: The purpose of this challenge is to create an apparently perfect suburban family with a terrible secret, kind of soap opera-ish.

Juvenile Delinquents: A variant of the Asylum challenge

Snatched by the Fae: We’ve all heard legends about humans spirited away by the Fae to be their queens, wives, or consorts. But what happens to these poor women once they are in the clutches of a magical being and trapped in a culture they don’t understand? Can they find happiness in a life they can’t control?

If you enjoy a challenge that you want to recommend to me please leave a comment!

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  1. The Homeless challenge is something I’ve already worked on before seeing it on here – I created a hobo that lived on a very small plot that only had a public toilet on. There was a small pond so he could fish for food and slowly I had him wander around finding insects, gems etc. to sell to make money. I let him visit places to read books and used the public places to get clean – it was great. I had to use a cheat code for a tent though when the weather turned to snow or he would have frozen to death, but apart from that it was great building him up – oh, I also used the cheat code to remove all his money at the start of the game – Very entertaining! And for some strange reason the aliens loved to visit him – lol

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