Sunset Valley Stadium Updated

Lot type: Big Park
Lot size: 30×40
Furnished: Fully


What’s new: I edited this lot to updated it for seasons – since we now have real football goals. I also outfitted the changing rooms. I have also reduced the amount of CC used in the lot quite a bit – what is still there can quite easierly be replaced.

I made a version where I used the premium shower: “Keep Me Clean Outdoor Shower” which lets the sims bath in their bathing cloths and a version without it for you!

As you know by now I am not a great fan of the EA rabbit holes and I think it is fun to build community lots (yeah I am totally crazy) and today it is time to give Sunset Valley a new stadium – something smaller and more fitting to the city’s size.

The stadium two seating areas (made with stairs), a media or commentator box, two locker rooms and a small store where you can buy tickets or souvenirs supporting the local team (working as a general store).

Download the old version of the Stadium

Download – no premiumAt Exchange

Download – with premium

Requires: Seasons, Pets, Generations, Late Night, World Adventures, Ambitions
Requires the following SPs: Town Life
No Pay items used. Some store items has been used.

NB: If you want the lot to function as a stadium you need to change the big door to Jynx’s rabbit hole Stadium

In the gallery: The premium version

CC Used

EA Store stuff used

Premium store content

4 thoughts on “Sunset Valley Stadium Updated

  1. hehe – I was just uploading those – I wasn’t quite finished with the post when I pressed upload – but they are here now!

    1. Thanks for the pics update – absolutely fab – just wish I could get the premium stuff on the EA store, but I don’t have enough points etc. I would have loved to get that little ziggy car as well – I want to create one totally Sci Fi world – but EA are really slow – they should have made a Future Sims World with moving pavements, hover cars and bikes etc. I could get carried away if I continue …..

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